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  Welcome to our World Wide Reach - North American Commercial Energy website. A project being developed by Lynne Koleszar [Independent Contractor] to assist North American corporations and businesses in developing an energy strategy.

A project that offers: the simplification of historical & future volatility in energy markets - accurate & referenced energy information sources, collaboration & energy solutions that make a difference to corporations and companies located in North America.

Giving North American Commercial Energy Users a World Wide Reach!
Sep.21 2017, 02:54:07

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Intelligent Energy Analysis & Information

In business there are two main types of expenses, durable goods and consumables. Durable goods are items within your company which you may or may not need to survive that does not get "used up or destroyed" such as computers, desks, property; And after a time may still be intact enough to have some value. A consumable is something that your company absolutely needs to survive and is an expense that does get "used up and destroyed" and has no value that is directly noticed.

ENERGY is a consumable. Everyone needs electricity and natural gas in their daily lives but business in particular must manage energy use to survive. Businesses can budget costs for products and services easily but it is not so easy to budget for a consumable like energy. Energy Costs often experience great highs and/or great lows and this creates what I call a "Doubly Charged Volatility Expense" for companies.

Your company REQUIRES energy to survive and when energy rates are HIGH, you struggle. This website is dedicated to assisting company owners, managers, controllers, in defining what energy costs historically have been, what energy costs are now, and what they will be in the future by intelligent projections that make perfect sense. Let's stop the STRUGGLE!

This project is geared towards the sharing of business energy information - served nationally in both Canada and the USA - to assist business owners in a strategy to SECURE ENERGY COSTS and take the STRESS out of your company's minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, and year by year operations.

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